Photo Challenge- Structure

On Wednesday, I read The Daily Post’s photo challenge. This week’s challenge is Structure, it got my mind going in so many directions. The post talked about structure in nature, which is always an interesting photo venture, so I tried going in that direction to begin. What I found was I couldn’t find the “right picture”.

Last night we went to the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game. If you know anything about downtown Pittsburgh, then you know there are so many fantastic examples of structure right there to see.

I took these pictures last night with my cell phone.

IMG_20170901_203601.jpgThis is a picture of the Roberto Clemente Bridge. I love that you can see the airiness of bridge in juxtaposition to the solidness of the city buildings.  I also like that you can see the arch in the bridge as well as the arch in the Renaissance Hotel.


IMG_20170901_202950.jpgThis is a picture of the Fort Duquesne Bridge. This bridge brings you into Fort Pitt / “The Point”. While the first picture shows the bridge as part of the landscape, this one shows the bridge as the main feature of the landscape. Compared to the dark background, the bridge stands out. Under the bridge you can see the fountain at the Point, as well as a line of lights that lines the banks of the river.


What I really like about these pictures is it shows the structure of this city. In order to get in and out of Pittsburgh you must travel by bridge or tunnel. There are 446 bridges going into the city. The first bridge was built in 1818, but most of the bridges were erected between 1924 and 1940. These steel bridges are a huge reminder of this being the Steel City.


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