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2017 Favorite Photo

2017 was such a year of change for our family. Richard moved to Pittsburgh in April. The boys and I moved in June. The boys started a new school in August. We bought our new home in September and moved in shortly there after. Life has been busy, but sooo good.

One of the biggest benefits of moving here is the freedom and independence the boys have found. They spent the summer outside playing. They rode their bikes, met new friends and just loved being kids.

They now ride the bus to and from school. They have more responsibility and more freedom. I feel that they have grown up so much this year. They are no longer little kids, but are now full blown tweens. I see them turning into the teens we will have in the home very soon.

The photo challenge was to pick your most meaningful photo of the year. I could have posted a photo of the new house. I could have posted one of the many rainbow pictures I took over our new home. I could have posted pictures from our time in North Park.

But, most memorable is what stuck out… what is most memorable to me this year is the boys freedom. This photo shows them as they are… boys on the move. Free to run and roam. Free to play and explore. It shows my sons loving together being themselves.

Image may contain: one or more people, snow, outdoor and nature

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