Daily Prompt: Confess… I’m not perfect

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I have to confess. Life is hard. And, I’m not perfect.

Some of you are probably thinking … well duh! But so often when we look at other people through the lens of social media is hard not to think that everyone else has all their shit together and I’m the only one falling apart at the seams.

I mean how often do you see people posting about the moments in life where you think your child is possessed or you wish Calgon could really take you away from reality? How often do you see people talking about when the dinner doesn’t quite taste good enough, but not bad enough to toss it out? How often do you see people post about getting annoyed that you had to tell you child to turn off the technology and do something, when you really just wanted to toss the whole thing out the window?

Well let me tell you I have many of these moments in life. When I don’t want to tell my sons one more time to put down the technology/book/whatever and do something. I have many of those moments where I wish that I could just crawl into a corner and say I quit.

I confess… I’m not perfect. I too fall prey to the allure of the perfect world of social media. Seeing other peoples posts and thinking: I need to work out more like so and so. I wish my kids behaved like so and sos. I wish I could keep my house as clean as _____.

I confess… I’m not perfect, but I try to portray my life that way on social media sometimes.  Who doesn’t?

So… let’s all agree to stop comparing ourselves to the images we see on social media. Them maybe, just maybe we will see more of the realty of life and not the life seen through the rose color lens of social media.

Confessions are good for the soul. Now I’m off to argue with my sons over the fact that I am not the keeper of their shoes.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Confess… I’m not perfect

  1. I can relate to this and I am not even a mother yet. I’m just a 25 year old girl and social media is a place where people can easily compare their lives to others. I’m sure you are an amazing Mom and you shouldn’t worry about being perfect. No one in the world!❤️

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