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Disney Cruise… day 2 (Castaway Cay)

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Our journey at sea continued as we woke up and watched the ship dock at Castaway Cay. Our room was on the stern…. we were on the backside of the ship which was really cool and was a fun place to watch the ship dock.

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After breakfast, which was a buffet where you can pretty much have anything you want to eat… and then some, we headed to the island. For this day on the island we went in street clothes, not bathing suits. We had to port adventures planned. First we were going bottom fishing. The boys have talked about going fishing from time to time and we decided this would be a fun way for them to try it.

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We boarded the boat with 3 other people and took off to the fishing grounds. The boys just loved being on the boat and feeling the wind blow over us as we traveled.

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When we arrived at the fishing grounds the captain gave instructions on how to proceed with fishing. Richard was on one side with Blake and I was on the other with Colby. The captain and his helper put the bait on and removed the fish, all of which made me a little more comfortable with the fishing plan. I was helping Colby reel in his first fish and the captain said “Momma… you’ve got to check your own rod, you’ve got a fish.” I hadn’t actually planned on fishing, but I figured if I showed Colby how to go through the process he’d be more comfortable. I did this and then ended up catching the most fish on the trip. At one point I caught 4 back to back all with the same bait. I even caught a fish that had a smaller fish in his mouth. Colby caught the biggest fish. Blake only caught 2 because he wasn’t patient enough to wait for the bait to get to the bottom and then leave it alone. Oh well… we had fun!

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Blake and I both got over heated on this boat and we were ready for some food and a lot more to drink. I had 5 cups to drink with lunch! the barbecue they have the island is the best! (Ok all the food on the cruise is good, but hey this is bbq!) I had ribs, chicken breast, tomato salad, cole slaw and fruit. I was good and did not have desert!

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After we were going to our next port adventure which was the glass bottom boat tour. This go cancelled due to lightning in the area the boat would take us. So we decided to go for bike rides instead. We have done this on almost every cruise we’ve taken. You can rent bikes and there is a trail that is just over 5k for you to ride. We love going to the lookout tower and then heading down another trail to a really cool spot near the beach where I like to take pictures. Image may contain: 1 person, standing, sky, child, outdoor and nature

We then headed back to the ship. After showers and changing we all headed off in different directions. The boys did some of the “Midship Detective” which sends you all over the ship to find clues and then went to Edge. Richard and I went lounge hopping. We spend most of the time in the Skyline Lounge. The back bar and surrounding wall changes sky lines between 5 cities. The music playing matches the city of the sky line. Also they have 3 signature drinks to match the sky lines. Later we headed to Pub 687 which is more of sport pub feel.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, ocean, sky, shoes, outdoor, water and natureWe met up with the boys again and went to see a magic show. This time it was a family show with the same magician, but it was larger illusions. They boys had a blast

We had dinner in Enchanted Garden. This is designed to be like the gardens are Versailles. The last time we sat in round tables that made you feel like you were on the tea cups. This time we had normal tables which made the restaurant feel more typical. But, the fun thing this night was Colby said he didn’t want anything for desert. The waiter said “So you want nothing?” ….

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20 thoughts on “Disney Cruise… day 2 (Castaway Cay)

          1. No I always thought I’d start with that one as I can just train down and hop on. As long as I pick the two week one that would bring me back home, I’d be good.

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          2. when looking at cruises just make sure to take into consideration what is included in the base price. That is one thing we like with Disney, almost everything on that actual ship is part of the base price. We paid for alcohol we drank and got ice cream in their speciality shop, but everything else we did was part of the base cost

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          3. we started looking at other lines and they charge you for things like non-alcoholic drinks, while we don’t drink a lot of soda or such, who wants to pay for that? Disney is great about dietary and other accommodations too. you will have to look into what they will do for your allergies too

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    1. the magic show part of the on board entertainment that they have on the ships. He did a lot of close up magic for the adults and larger illusions for the family show. We rented bikes on Castaway. You can ride down the air strip. they have a loop that brings you to an observation tower. then you can ride down to the adult only beach area, past the cabanas and to this secluded cove that you can over look. that is where I like to get the pictures. it is the 5k route and then a bit more

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