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First day of school… for me!

I’m taking a break from my blog hop for the day. You can go back and read my posts here, here, here, here AND here. Also go check out AJ at A Petite Slice of Life and Alley Bean at Spectacle Bean to see their posts on my blog hop. Are you ready to join in the fun? Please join in and post on my blog hop topics… it’s fun to go on a trip down memory lane… or talk about your children starting school…. or even you teaching or going to college now!

But I wanted to take a break from the actual blog hop topics to tell you about my actual first day of school! I went back last week for teacher prep week and then this week we had our meet the teacher nights… today we started school!

I revamped my whole room, I almost always do this… I guess I don’t like things being the same? So here you go… a peek into my room. Oh and the day went better than I expected. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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13 thoughts on “First day of school… for me!

    1. I have 13 four year olds this year, but there is room to have 4 more in my class. my room is a good size, it is square so I think it appears bigger because it isn’t the typical rectangle shape. Right now they are using crayons on the doodle wall. we might switch it up as the year goes on


      1. Oh neat! Do you have a co teacher? I have 18 this year 12 4 year olds and 6 3 year olds and that many 3 year olds can throw the whole class out of wack. It’s going to be a rough year…

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        1. I do have an aide since we have more than 10 four year olds in the class. I don’t think I’d like having a mix of 4s and 3s since they are so wide in their developmental abilities… young 3s are vastly different than an older 4. good luck. I hope you are able to find a way to make things smooth


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