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Fire pit fun

We are certainly enjoying our fire pit this summer! I think we’ve had a fire nearly every weekend since it was completed. On Father’s day, we gave Richard pie irons and a popcorn maker for the fire place. The last two weekends we have put them to good use!

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Last weekend, we tried out the pie irons. This was a camping tool that my family had when I was growing up. I had made chunky applesauce for pork tenderloin and used it as the filling for apple pie. These didn’t turn out 100% the way I remember them. They needed a bit more flavor to the crust, but it was good.

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Last night, we originally were going to make cinnamon rolls in the pie irons. This was going to be just using Grands Cinnamon rolls cooked in the pie irons. But… this didn’t happen. Colby asked if we could pop popcorn instead. So we did! When we added the packet of popcorn that came with the popper it didn’t seem like much popcorn so we added more of our own.  UMMM we won’t do that again! There was soooooo much popcorn and it was not only popping out of the popper, but it was jammed in the popper and I had to go get a wooden spoon to help pull it out. It did not burn other than a few kernels at the bottom.

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We tried two different flavors of seasoning. Colby wanted to try movie theater butter. Richard put jalapeno butter on his and then latter added cheddar to it too. The jalapeno was not spicy, but you could taste the pepper in the mix.  (bowls shown in pictures do not show the total amount of popcorn, they were taken in the process of removing the popcorn from the popper)

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Is it Saturday?

It is crazy how off you feel when you are sick, I finally heard back from the doctors and I do have strep… at least there is an end now? But it’s not just that, Richard has been off work since mid day on Wednesday, so I feel like… what day is it? I love the fact that he has had this extra long weekend. It just makes you feel like… what day is it?

Yesterday, he finished up the table for the backyard. Today we went and picked up wood to start the benches. We, ok well I, decided that we should have 4 smaller benches instead of two really long ones.

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As you can see, we’ve already moved it outside. I’m not sure that is where it is going to stay. I already told Richard we will see once we get the benches and the chairs we are going to purchase and then we will see where everything goes. There is certainly a few different options with the size we created the patio.

We went to Lowes to get a few things so I decided to purchase new plants for my front planters. I am trying to get more perennials so that we can eventually plant them outside and leave them there to continue to grow year to year. The challenge is we don’t have dedicated beds yet, so we are kind of planting things haphazardly, but hey it works.

Well, the rain has stopped for the time being, so I’m going to empty the old plants from the planters and plant the new ones. I need to put some soil on a few perennials we planted last week that didn’t quite get enough dirt around them too. Richard is out in the garage cutting wood for the benches and the boys are in the basement playing on the PS4. Hmmm maybe there will be a nap in my short future too.

Enjoy your Saturday, I’m still not sure it feels like Saturday, but hey everyone is home and that is what counts.

(side note, I will post a review of Colby’s recipe as well as the cherry chipolte pulled pork soon… not sure when, but I didn’t forget)

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First Fire Pit Fire

We decided to wrap up our weekend by testing out our fire pit for the first time. It was nice to just sit outside and enjoy the crackle of the fire. The boys didn’t want to go to bed, but wanted to stay outside and watch the fire. We are looking forward to when the nights aren’t so long and we can enjoy the fire at nighttime and not have it be 9pm when it starts to get dark.

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Colby and I had tossed the football around for a while before Richard got everything together to start the fire. Then we all stood/sat around watching the fire

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Blake decided that he was going to take my camera and take some pictures too

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I know we will spend a lot of time around our new fire pit

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through my camera lens


Outside my kitchen window we have a Shepard’s hook with a plant and a hummingbird feeder. We often find ourselves standing watching the hummingbirds fly in and out to feed. There are at least 3 that we see in a regular basis.

I finally decided to go sit outside on the fire pit wall and try to take pictures. I shared a few on my instagram account, but these ones I took with my real camera.

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Backyard update

Earlier in the week I spoke about the fact that the crew was here to start the backyard. At that time I didn’t post pictures because, well… it wasn’t interesting to see. When I posted the first time, all they had done was move pallets around and start digging up grass, boring!

Well… fast forward a few days and now there is something to see.


They spent most of the week working on the stairs. Let me tell you these stairs we designed are massive. We wanted a large top step so that you stepped out onto a landing. This will make it easier when letting the dog in and out. Plus it will just look impressive. They still haven’t finished the stairs they have two more lights to install and then put on the sandstone landing.

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They also finally started working on the wall that surrounds our fire pit. This work was done in one day! We were impressed with the scale, but it will get a lot of use.

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Painting, yard work and working out

Life has been so busy lately.

Richard and I finished painting the basement! We painted the media area the dark green and then the stairwell the light area.

Saturday, Richard and I spend about 3 hours working outside. We seeded, fertalized and did a bit of other work on the yard. We replanted 3 plants that outgrew their pots. We also made 2 new spider plants out of my spider babies and a new pothos plant with clippings from Colby’s plant. Then we took on the way back. Richard got out the brush cutter and I took the large loppers and we went to work cleaning out lots and lots of brush. It’s crazy when you realize how much you cut, and then look at how much more needs to still be done back there. But hey, at least we made a dent.

We went on a bike ride/hike yesterday.  It was nice to get out on the trails after a long busy week. I ended up hiking just over 3 miles.

Today we started our FOURTH week of Liift4 on Beachbody. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger and am able to lift heavier weights. I won’t say that I’ve seen a ton of difference in my clothes or on the scale, but I feel a lot better getting up, working out and focusing on eating healthier. I am not following their food plan exactly. I am more focused on eating healthier instead of working on measuring out portions and counting the amount of each type of food I eat. I always feel that heath, fitness and nutrition need to be natural parts of your life not forced pieces if you are going to keep up the work. I know the fact that I’m lifting will burn calories. I know that the HIIT parts is the best way to get cardio. I also know that eating more veggies and lean protein will fuel my body in a healthy way.  Now I make all that knowledge work for me!