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Hello valuable readers.

I know that I have been MIA for a long time. I needed to step away. I had got to the point where my blog was more work than enjoyment and that is not what blogging is meant to be.

When I began blogging the first time, the Blake was a year old and Colby wasn’t even born. The reason I started that blog was to put down on “paper” my thoughts and feelings. It was an outlet to talk about the challenges of being a stay-at-home mom. I wrote about the good, the bad and the ugly of parenting two under two.  I got to a place where I didn’t need my blog at that time and walked away.

When we moved to PA, I reinvented my blog. I kept the same title, hence the mommy part. I wanted to talk about what it was like to uproot two tweens to a city, a state, a part of the country that was foreign to all of us. It was a place to talk about the struggles and joys of the move and adjusting to our new environment. Then again, life got more normal and I felt like there were some who put different expectations on what I was writing. So again I walked away.

Now I’m back. This time I am totally focusing on me. There will be less and less posts about the boys and our day to day life. In January, I am started a personal journal through the book Present Not Perfect. I will just this thought process as the jumping off point of my posts.

Yes, there will be random recipe posts. (If you follow me on I/G, you may have noticed that I do a lot of I/G stories on cooking and baking). Yes, there will be some book suggestions. But, my goal is to stay in the moment. I will not make this blog stretch formulaic. I will post when I feel the need to post. I will not when I don’t.

I am taking back my blog for mine, not what I feel is the exceptions of others.

Oh and yes… I will go back to reading other bloggers blogs. I have missed reading the lives of those who I have followed on a regular basis. I hope you understand why I stepped away and I hope you decide to check out the new version of my blog.



I’ve sat down three times to type a blog post and can’t decide what to say… so I’ll just say “Hi”.

I hope everything is going smoothly for you and your life. I hope that your first full week back to work/school/ etc for the year 2019 has started in a positive way.

So you my readers…. is there anything you’d love to have me post about? Want to pick my brain? Something you have enjoyed reading in the past and would like to see more of?



Rain, rain and more rain

Image result for too much rain

I’ve talked about the weather a lot this week. It’s funny everyone said you’ll hate the winter. You’ll hate how gray it is. You’ll hate the cold. None of us really got bothered by the winter weather. Yes, it was cold! Yes, there was snow and I still hate shoveling, but I do it. But, I didn’t find it gray and dreary when we had snowy days. I actually found it rather bright with all the windows we have in the back of our house.

Now this week… not so much! Tuesday was gorgeous! It was sunny and got to 77F. Then it went downhill from there. Rain, rain and more rain. I’m over the rain! It’s gray all day. It’s damp and dreary. I know the rain is good, but it’s not when in this large of quantities. We drive around and see all the retention ponds are over flowing. There is standing water everywhere: on the roads, in the yards, you name it there’s water there!

Well according the forecast we should start seeing the sun again soon. Until the next storm front comes through on Thursday! Oh well… I’ll enjoy the sun when we see it again.


Different topic: Quick question for you my readers.  Many bloggers have a question on the bottom of their post for you the reader to encourage commenting. Do you think I should begin doing this on my blog or do you prefer to just comment about what you want when you want? Help me improve my blog for my readership!


My mind is blank?

Some days I have multiple blog posts running through my head. Some days I know what I’m going to write even before I have time to log into my computer.

But, some days like today I don’t know what direction to follow. Where to go to write the day’s post. Some days I feel like there just aren’t the right words to put my thoughts down. Some days I feel like I don’t  have a topic worthy of sharing.

I wish I knew what direction to travel. What my readers enjoyed reading. So many blogs have such a specific focus that the blogger knows today I need to post about blah… But, I don’t. I write about life. I write about the things that pop into my head. I post about recipes I’ve made, the books I’m reading, and the adventures of life. But, what do you do when nothing pops into your head, your not done reading a book or have a recipe worth sharing? What does one post about when life feels unworthy of sharing?

Well… I guess for me today the post is about the fact that I’ve stood at my computer multiple times today and tried to write a post to no avail. So instead I write about not knowing what to write… now there is an oxymoron.



My first poll!

I’d like to get a bit of feedback from my readers, yes that is you! What do you enjoy reading on my blog? What do you want to see more of? What has totally missed the mark. You can choose up to 3 items in the poll, but you can always drop a comment to share your thoughts as well. So join the fun and help my blog progress in a direction you’d like to see it travel!


New blog direction?

If you asked me when I started blogging what direction my blog would take, I would not have had a good answer. But, I can tell you that writing reviews would never have been in the mix.

The first review I did was on the book The Promise Girls by Marie Bostwick. I sent the review to her and actually got an e-mail back from her, that I thought was really cool. I then did a few more book reviews.

Then Richard and I were talking and he suggested that I start writing reviews about the restaurants we try out. Since we are new to the area, everything is new to us. Posting about the new things we do was a suggestion from Pine History Blog, Pine is the Township where we now live. I have been following her blog since I found it to learn more about the history of the area.

My first restaurant review was Pig Iron Public House. I got a lot of views off this post which of course prompted me to do more. (Anyone who blogs can relate to searching for the items that get the most comments and page views, admit it you search your stats too!) I have been doing reviews on Google’s Local Guide for a while, so it was natural to just turn these into blog posts.

So I guess I now am seeing my blog go in a direction of doing more reviews. Just in case you are wondering, not this will not become a review only blog. I enjoy blogging about what is on my mind. You will still see my recipes. You will still hear about the adventures of my life. You will still get true Teacher Turned Mommy Posts, just have more reviews mixed into the mix!

So you, my loyal blog followers, do you enjoy reading my reviews? Would you be interested in seeing different types of reviews? Product reviews? More restaurants? More books? Some other item that I haven’t even considered?

You can reply here, leave a message on my Facebook page or drop me an e-mail




Daily Prompt: Tentative

Every day The Daily Post provides a daily prompt. Every day I look at the prompt and think… “hmmm should I post about this prompt?” “How would I take this prompt and turn it into something that works for my blog?” “Is this the one that I will use to jump into the daily prompt group?”

You could say I’ve been tentative, uncertain, undecided. I typically jump into things with both feet and just say I’ll make it work. I’ll figure out a way to make it work for me. But, I didn’t with this concept. I think I was concerned it would take over my blog. That I would feel the need to post on the daily prompt daily or at least on a regular basis. But, that isn’t the point of this. Yes, I’m sure there are people who do use it daily or weekly or whatever. The point it is to give you a direction on a time you are stuck. It is a way to make you think about a topic/work/prompt that could push a post in one direction or another.

So, will I continue to be tentative about this? Maybe or I can look at the other meaning of tentative meaning not set in stone. I could look and say I can tentatively state that I’ll try to post on the daily post once every few weeks. I could look and say that when a prompt hits me in the right way I’ll use it.

But, I won’t be tentative on writing when I find the right post, because now I’ve jumped into this pool. I’ve determined that I can make it work for me.  When and if I want knowing that the date/time/week/month/ and if of posting again is now tentative!

via Daily Prompt: Tentative


2 months

Two months ago I posted my first post on my blog.  I know my blog is a bit all over the place. I’ve blogged about food, my kids, parenting thoughts, photos, changes in my life and so much more.

I’m enjoying being back in the blogging mode. It’s a fun outlet that allows my brain to share the randomness that flows through it.

If you follow me, thank you. If you are considering following me… please do!  If you’ve “liked” my page on Facebook, thank you.

I love reading your comments. I enjoy seeing what you post on your blogs. If there is anything you’d like to see me blog about, let me know.

What features do you like so far? recipes? book reviews? wordless Wednesday? Sunday-Son Day? Photo Friday? Posts about parenting? Posts about my life in general?

Thanks for joining me on this journey we call life!


Cooking, Baking, Rambling Thoughts

If you read my post the other day on balance, you know that I feel that eating healthy is important. I cook most dinners that we eat, don’t get me wrong we go out to eat, but when we eat at home it is typically home cooked, pretty close to it.

I find that being in the kitchen is a great joy of mine. I enjoy both sides of being in the kitchen, I love the creativeness I get from cooking. When I cook I typically do not use a recipe. I will look at recipes and use them as a jumping off point, but from there… yeah well you never know exactly what a dish will taste like when I cook it. Cooking is a way to take raw ingredients and transforming them into something totally different. I love going to the store and purchasing something as simple as ground turkey and then transforming it into a whole meal for my family. I have begun looking at things as simple as how to make my own taco seasonings, how to transform a typical meal and making it more my own.

I also enjoy taking a dish that I made already and transforming the leftovers into something that takes on a whole new life. This allows me to recreate what I’ve already created. I’m doing that tonight for dinner, two weeks ago I made pasta with meat sauce. I froze the leftovers. I took them out of the freezer and purchased ricotta cheese. I’ll use that to make my lasagna cheese and mix it together with provolone cheese and mozzarella cheese. I’ll put the whole thing in a 9×13 pan… ta da!  lazy lasagna made with meat sauce.

Now the other side of me is a baker. When I bake I use recipes. I look at baking as relaxing. Yes, you read that right. Baking is an escape for me. I would bake daily if that didn’t mean I’d gain 5,000 pounds!  I enjoy the science of baking. The seeing something go from a raw dough to a baked treat.

Ok… so what is the point of this post?  Yep, I know you are asking this. Well… we watch a lot of Food Network Shows, shocking?  Blake keeps asking me which cooking show I want to go on. My answer is always none!  I’m not a chef, I’m not a cook, I’m not a baker. I enjoy these things. I enjoy sharing these things in person and on my blog, but I’m no expert.

So, I’ll keep cooking for my family, and baking from time to time. I’ll share my recipes, but as I search for the direction this blog is going… one thing I know for sure… it’s not going to be just a food blog.

Anyone have thoughts on what blogging direction I should follow?  What would you like to see/hear on here.