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Back to School Blog Hop- Day 6

I hope you are enjoying my first blog hop, and even more I hope you join in the fun!Image may contain: text

Here is how it will go. I have posted seven different school/fall topics for you to use as blog posts. You can write them for seven days in a row, scattered throughout the month or however you so choose! Here are the topics: first day of school, favorite school supply, teacher who made a difference, apples, a new box of crayons, new friends and what’s in your lunchbox

All I ask is:

  • Please copy and post this image with your post
  • link back to my blog so we know who is playing along
  • have fun! remember you can take these topics in any direction you want… just use the idea as a jumping off point.

Make New Friends

I think this is one of those topics that I’m not even close to an expert.  I grew up in a small town and went to school with a lot of the same kids for years and years. I didn’t make a lot of friends in that group of kids. My junior year at school I changed schools. I was able to make friends. This was a small all girls school.

When I went to college, I also went to a small college. I found that I did a lot better when I’m a big fish in a little pond.

What I find with me is I have a hard time making friends, but I’m a good friend to those who do befriend me. I am still in contact with some of the people at the second hs as well as from college.

I tend to be a good co-worker, but that doesn’t mean I’m really friends with them. I have neighbors and acquaintances, but I’m not sure I have friends here.

This dynamic is very different from my parents and my brother. They have friends and make friends easily. Colby has a lot of friends too.

I guess there is something about some people that make people drawn to them, and that isn’t a part of who I am… and in a lot of ways I’m ok with that now. When I was younger I didn’t understand it. Every child wants to have friends. They want to be liked and have others want to be around them. But, then I think there comes a phase when you realize that you don’t need a ton of friends. You need  few good ones. I’m just glad that I’m married to my best one.

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What day it is?

This has been one of those weeks where I feel like I’m constantly trying to figure out what day it is, some days feel earlier in the week than they are and others later. It has just been a strange week.

We had a busy morning here. The boys both had their physicals this morning. Then we decided that since we were out and about, we might as well continue on and check more off the to do list. So we went to Famous Footware and got Blake school shoes (Colby already bought his) and they were having a BOGO sale, so I just had to pick up a pair for myself too… right? Then we headed to Target to check out back to school supplies. With Blake going into middle school, this was a bit crazy… he needed 6 binders with dividers and 5 two pocket folders and a calculator and then all the rest of the typical pens, pencils, glue, colored pencils etc… So we got everything on the list!

After, we headed to JoAnn Fabrics. I am finishing up a book series that is set around quilters and now I want to try. So, I picked up a simple quilt kit to try because you know I don’t start work in a few weeks… nope I have all the time in the world to try out a new hobby!

After that, we went to Blaze pizza for lunch. I figured that was a treat for not driving me too crazy doing all those chores.

We drove in the garage and the boys’ friend came to collect them to go to the park. I love that they are off and hanging out with the other kids in the neighborhood so much this summer. They have been very responsible about asking what time to come home and arriving within a reasonable window of that time. Today they will need to be home around 4pm to eat dinner and get ready for biking.

Well now I at least know it is Thursday and hopefully tomorrow will actually feel like Friday. Hope you are having a great Friday Eve… See you on Friday



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last vacation post

Ok this is my last post about our cruise/Orlando trip. I had a few more things I wanted to share.

When we got our luggage delivered to our stateroom we noticed that the suitcase with Richard’s clothes had a broken wheel. By broken I mean the whole wheel, and the plastic that houses the wheel attachment, was broken off the suitcase. It was sitting on the floor where they had placed the suitcase upon delivery.

Richard and I went to guest services and talked to them about it. The told us to empty the suitcase and then let them know. They took the suitcase from our room and epoxied the plastic/wheel piece back onto the suitcase. This seemed to be a good solution.

When we got off the ship and were picking up our luggage, the wheel was GONE. It was broken off, but not the same way. The epoxy was still there, but the wheel itself was gone. We walked over to the information/help desk. The were very helpful. Originally they were going to help us submit a claim which would then possibly have Disney Cruise lines paying for the suitcase. But, a Disney employee looked at the suitcase and asked if we were going to fly soon. We told them we were flying in a few days. She said, ok what if I can give you a brand new suitcase that is about the same size, would that work? She went to the back room and came out with a suitcase that was around the same size, tags still on it. She had us repack the suitcase right there to make sure everything would fit.

Whenever we have had to deal with the help desks on the cruises they have gone above and beyond to make sure that everything was done to make things smooth.

After that, we went and boarded the Hertz bus to go get our rental car. We are Hertz gold members and this process is typically simple… not this time. There were two cruise ships that came in at the same time. Ok I get it, but still… The Hertz in Port Canaveral is tiny. There was maybe 30 cars and yet they seem to not be able to find any cars. There were people in the wrong lines. People who had booked the wrong size cars. People who booked the right size car, but it wasn’t available. It was a hot mess. We will not go back there for our next rental car.

We then went and visited some friends. The boys had a list of restaurants they wanted to eat at while we were back in Orlando. The first meal we had was Publix subs and popcorn chicken, for those who don’t know Publix is a grocery store. The friends we met up with that day thought we were crazy to pick up subs from Publix.

We enjoyed catching up with friends and family. We stopped by our house in Orlando and found it was for sale again. We then went and looked it up on-line and the new owners had gutted the main living space. Some of the changes I had said I wanted to do, some I thought were odd, but hey it wasn’t my home. We sold the house for full price the first day it was on the market… they have had it on the market since May, but it is a lot more expensive. I guess we priced it to sell and they are trying to at least make up what they put into it. I wish them the best selling it.

Ok I’ve shared enough about this trip. We love these cruises. This was our 5th and we’ve already booked cruise #6. If you ever have questions about these cruises, feel free to ask!


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Weekend updates- weather and fun

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, or frozen to the ground. We just had a fun and busy weekend. Saturday we got up and moving and decided to go to North Park and go skating. The boys took skating lessons last year, but hadn’t been back on the ice since. I don’t think I have been ice skating since I was in middle school and Richard has been maybe 3 other times in his whole life.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, sky, sunglasses, outdoor and closeup

We skated for about 2 hours. It was more of a workout than you realize when you are a child. Or, maybe you just feel it so much when you had completed a weighted leg workout the day before and your legs were already burning??

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, shoes, basketball court and outdoorImage may contain: one or more people, basketball court, shoes and outdoor

Now, some of you might be thinking… wait were the boys and Lori off school for 3 days because of snow and cold? Yep we were, but the weather was nicer on Saturday. We still needed jackets but the sun was shining and it was a nice day.

Sunday we got up and did some work around the house and then headed to the hobby store. The boys needed/wanted to get some parts for their remote control trucks. After shopping and lunch we went home and the boys and Richard drove their trucks. Ok people… Wed and Thurs we had temps that felt like -20s…. Sunday we were in long sleeves and no jackets! It was in the mid to upper 50s. That is just a huge crazy swing in temps.

Last night we went to a neighbor’s house to watch the Super Bowl. We have been getting together every couple of months and doing something as a group. It is nice to get together with the neighbors and just enjoy the company. This time we all brought bar type foods (nachos, wings, pizza, sliders). The game was rather a snooze fest and even the commercials didn’t grab my attention, but we had a lot of fun and ate some tasty food. Now I just need to up my healthy food game to counter balance all the junk I ate Sunday night!

It was very hard to get up and going today. It felt like forever since I’d gone to work. But, my class actually did better than I expected them to do (knock on wood). They were really excited that it was warm enough to go outside for recess.

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Indoor Block party?

The street we live on is finally complete. We decided this was a good reason to celebrate. A few of us got together and tried to coordinate a weekend date in Oct to have our first block party. This was back in September, and the best we could do was this weekend. So we planned our first block party for yesterday. It was all planned out. We were going to block off the cul-de-sac, drag out tables, chairs, the grill and fun things for the kids to do.  Yeah well I guess no one consulted with mother nature. Starting Friday night we had rain on and off all weekend. Finally Richard and I decided we would just move the party into our house.

Friday night we began the process of company cleaning the house. You know that feeling of everything that is always out and about needs to actually be put away in the right places. We began in the basement and worked our way upstairs. It felt good to get everything cleaned and know I didn’t have to clean during the week. This also forced the boys to help clean beyond their basic cleaning. Ok they still didn’t do it willingly, but it was done.

Saturday I sent out a message saying that we would make a final decision on Sunday, but that we could move it into our house if needed. We kept putting it off, but finally gave in and said… ok inside it goes. Right after we sent out that message, the sun came out. I felt like mother nature was messing with my head. We also decided that since it was wet and only in the 40s that even with sun…. inside was better.

The party was planned for 3:30pm. Around 3:29 the skies opened up and I felt better about the change in plans!

There are 6 houses on our street (4 in the cul-de-sac and 2 on the straight part of our street). Everyone showed up! It was nice to get everyone together. The people in the house next to us, the last to be completed, were able to meet the rest of the neighbors. We had a 13 month old, an almost 3 year old, a 4 year old (it was actually his birthday), Colby, Blake and another 6th grader, a middle schooler and a high schooler. This was a decent mix of kids. The children are all boys except the one high schooler is a girl. The kids were down in the basement. They had red zone on the tv and were playing on the PS4. Colby set up a hot wheels track and got out the monster trucks for the little boys.

The adults hung out in the kitchen and chatted. The groups were pretty fluid and no one seemed to be left out of the conversations. Each family brought food and there was a lot of food and drinks consumed and leftover.

We already scheduled our next get together. Another family offered their house this time and we picked the date while everyone was together. We hope to do this every couple of months, especially through the winter!

So while it didn’t turn out like we originally planned it was a lot of fun and worth it.


November 22 – friends

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As I think of the things and people I am grateful for the thoughts flood to me in memories. I think of the people who were part of my past, people who I considered friends at the time. I look back and see how we each grew and moved on in different directions.

I’ve found over the years that I tend to have people come into my life for time frames. There typically isn’t some big falling out, just a moving on. I have a few people who I have reconnected with via Facebook and still consider my friend, but long distance friendships are very different than face to face ones.

Over the years I’ve tried to determine why I don’t have those long term friendships that others talk about. Those friends who you spend time with over the years and make sure to see on a regular basis. I never quite put my finger on the why of the moving on of many of these friendships, but it is just is…

One thing most of these people probably know is that I’m still there for them. If you find a place in my heart, you are there until you do something to annoy me, and then even then I’d help you if I could. Many of these people are now what I think of as Christmas card friends. You know what I mean? Those people who you reconnect with on a semi-yearly basis if that. But, you look forward to hearing from them and seeing that life is still treating them well.

So today I’m thankful for the friends I have now, and those who were my friends in the past. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for the love you have shown me and my family. And just know… I’m here for you.