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January 1st

Today is the first day. The first day of January. The first day of 2020. The first day of the new decade. The first day of stepping into my new focus… being present not perfect.

There are so many times when I find myself thinking about what I need to do to meet others expectations. I worry about when others think. I think about what I need to do to make others happy. I focus on what needs to be done to keep everything on the straight on the path.

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But, I realize that isn’t the best way to live. I need to refocus. I need to remember to do things for me. I put the image above on my facebook the other day. I had a few people mention that I would never be accused of putting me first. Sometimes I think I need to remember me too.

I find that when I’m at work, I’m focused on the kids. When I’m at home I’m focused on my children, husband and house. But I don’t always take time to slow down and focus on me.


Present, Not Perfect: A Journal for Slowing Down, Letting Go, and Loving Who You AreI am dedicating a bit of my day each day right after I get home from work to me. To slow down and spend time focusing inward. To being present in the moment. I will post some of the items they suggest doing in the book Present Not Perfect so you can join in this reflection too if you choose.

Do you take time to reflect on yourself? Do you remember that you too need time to slow down and be the center of your own attention? Do you remember to take care of yourself?

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Yesterday was one of those crazy busy days in our lives. Colby came home from school (3:40pm). Shortly after we went and picked Blake up from his intramural sports (4:15pm). Colby then had to be at the local HS at 6:30pm for his 7pm concert. This meant that we had leftovers for dinner. At least we had a lot to choose from.

I didn’t process the amount of people who would be at this concert. It was the 5th and 6th grade choruses from his school. The 7th and 8th grade from the middle school. ANDDD a few different groups from the HS. Yep that is a LOT of people. I should have got there a lot earlier than I did. Oh well. He was more than on time and we did finally find seats in the balcony.

It was really neat to see the various ages and abilities of the different chorus groups. Then at the end all of the students involved sang a song that was written just for this concert they perform each year. The song was divided to provide parts to highlight the abilities of each of these age groups.

The 5th grade chorus was the biggest group there. I was pleased to see the number of male singers in all of the different chorus groups there. It is nice to see that it is more accepted for guys do this compared to when I was growing up. Thank you High School Musical!

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Before Colby came home, my work had already canceled school for today. Right after he arrived home I got the phone call that their district had cancelled school too. Why…. it is cold! They cancel if the real feel is -10 or below. We are forecast to get real feel temps in the -20s today and tomorrow! The actual temps are in the low teens and single digits. The winds are whipping out there!

We all slept in and then Richard headed off to work. The boys and I are having a quiet day. We will probably wrap up later and watch a movie. I wonder when we will get the phone calls cancelling school tomorrow? We will see.

If you are part of this Arctic blast… stay warm. If you aren’t, you’re lucky!


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Disney Cruise

Did you think I left? Fell off the face of the Earth? Left blogging-land forever? Nope… none of the above…. I went on a cruise!

Image may contain: one or more people and people standingFor Christmas, we gave the kids, and ourselves, a Disney Cruise. This is not the first Disney cruise we have been on, but it is the first since we moved here to PA. We decided that a January get away was what we needed.

We left on Thursday and flew down to Orlando. There were took an Uber to Port Canaveral. Friday morning we got up, had breakfast and took another Uber to the port… then we were off. A three night Disney cruise was the perfect, all be it too short, get away from the winter trip.

We traveled to Nassau and then to Castaway Cay. We watched their shows, ate tons of yummy food, and so much more. The boys enjoyed going to the tween club and hanging out in the pool. We watched Mary Poppins Returns and Wreck It Ralph Breaks the Internet.

I will tell you this, I think one feature that we certainly enjoy is the fact that the wait staffImage may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, nature and water travels with you from restaurant to restaurant. You are assigned a dinner table, restaurant order and dinning time. Then the wait staff you encounter the first night will be the same each night. They are always really good with the boys and are on top of things. The second night the table is set with the drinks you ordered the first night. Don’t want that… no problem they will bring you something else. Can’t decide between two dishes? Ok I’ll bring you both (this is dangerous when it is the desert course). Breakfast and lunch you can opt for the buffet or the sit down restaurant. Oh and there are fast food places and room service also available. Don’t forget the all you can eat, serve yourself soft serve ice cream.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and shoesOur rule is if you want to eat… you don’t ride the elevators. This means lots of stairs, but it is so worth it to burn those calories! This trip we also went kayaking. This brought us to an area of the island that we have not seen before and was a good workout all at the same time. We were in ocean kayaks. Colby was with Richard and I had Blake in mine.

We made sure to take time to do some of the little things like play mini golf and Foosball. This is a time to laugh, smile and just enjoy being together as a family.

There is so much to see and do and fun for all ages on a Disney Cruise. I’m ready to go back already!

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Driving in the snow

Yesterday we were having temperatures in the 50s…. today it snowed all day. Got to love a 20+ swing in degrees in less than 24 hours.

Yesterday during the morning the weather was really nice. We even got outside for recess. The children were so excited to go out and play on the playground. Then around dinner time the weather decided to go from warm and sunny to crazy windy and thunder and lightning. It poured and poured. We even had some hail.

This morning we woke up and the world was white. The snow this morning when Richard was leaving for work was huge fluffy flakes. It was good snowman snow. The roads were clear and it was barley sticking. Well between the time Richard left and the time I was getting ready to leave, the snow changed.

When I left the wind was whipping. The snow was a mix of frozen rain and tiny snowflakes. AND, it was sticking to the road. It was slick. I travel down a fairly well traveled road, but it is pretty much a roller coaster ride. Up, down, around a bend and back again. That is my daily drive. I often can drive this at 40mph but today I was traveling around 20mph and there were times were that felt fast.

When I got to work, later than normal, I said something about the roads. She looked at me like I was crazy. When she drove to work it hadn’t even started snowing. She had to run out to her car and get something and came back into my classroom. She said she felt that I was that FL girl who didn’t know how to drive in the snow and that it wouldn’t have been bad. Then she saw what the snow looked like and remembered the road that I drove on to get to work.

Ok, so I lived 17 years in FL, but I learned to drive in the snow. I still don’t like it. I took off my gloves, so to hold onto the steering wheel. I felt like I put on my blinders and focused on driving. I don’t know that I remember what was on the radio, but I do remember watching everything around me on the road. This is one part of winter I did not miss living in FL. Oh well…. it is all part of live in the cold north.





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Monday, Monday, Monday

Today was our first work Monday in January. I realized I haven’t updated you in forever about what I am doing at work. Life gets in the way of life some times. In December I did all things holidays and my dramatic play area was a bakery.

Now we are in January.  My whole center is participating in STEAM activities  with boxes. I decided to use the theme of transportation for the month of January.

I transformed my dramatic play area into a mechanics shop. We made a car and a truck out of boxes, foam circles and other parts. We added tools, springs,  blocks to jack up the cars and so much more. I also created a request form for the children to show what work needs to be completed on the vehicles.

The sensory table is filled with rocks of various sizes and construction vehicles. I added trains and extra cars to the blocks corner.

Each child was asked to bring in a shoe or tissue box that we will transform into a vehicle. This will be the Arts part of STEAM.

We will use cars to measure the length and width of various boxes and many other block and transportation activities.

Oh and this is all to get ready for a STEAM open house on Jan. 21st. Then Feb 1st is conferences…. needless to say Jan will be very busy, but fun.

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It’s Friday Eve

This has been the crazy, strange, off week that I expected. When you go back to work on a Wednesday it really throws you off. Today was much better than yesterday, but I expected that since Thursdays are one of my smaller days.

Last night I made a new bread stick recipe, they were… ok. But, it certainly wasn’t OMG you have to eat these. I love homemade bread, but unless it is really good, is it worth the carbs? Oh and I made it to go with pasta so… I figured if I was going to make pasta for dinner then I might as well make bread to go with it. Now I just wished I’d made a recipe I have already tried before.

Tonight’s dinner will be a lot less starch forward… we are having stir fry. Chicken, carrots, onions, peppers, and sugar snap peas, tossed and cooked in teriyaki sauce. I will also make both rice and noodles. Richard prefers his over rice. The boys will want noodles. Me, I haven’t decided yet. I should start chopping all the veggies and the chicken then the process will be a lot faster later.

I need to start searching for some new recipes. I go through phases of making new things all the time and then other phases where I feel like we plan the same meals over and over. It is strange that many of the new meals never make it past the first try even if we like them. I guess it is the concept of creature comforts in those stand-by recipes.

What is on your menu for this Friday eve?