End of March

Today is the last day of March. I guess Mother Nature decided to remind us it was still March, as it is snowing outside. Ok it is only a flurry and isn’t sticking, but still… it is snowing!

Sorry I haven’t been around the land of blogs lately, I have just been busy with life. I try to get on daily, but some days it just isn’t going to happen. And, I’m ok with that. This sometimes means I don’t read your blogs, don’t take offense, it isn’t you… it’s just life. This sometimes means I don’t post on my own blog… and I’m good with that too.

Life is what life is… and when life is busy or slow, crazy or calm, you just have to go with it. Well I’m off to go pack up the books I need to bring to work for April. Finally put up the Easter decorations and do a few other things around the house.

I promise to try to stop into everyone’s life in blogging land. Thank you for continuing to visit my little corner of the it too.

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Back to Monday

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It’s Monday! It’s the last Monday in March. Ok we can do this!

This morning, Richard and I got up and worked out. There was no more room for excuses. We just buckled down and did the workout. We have restarted Liift4 for the third time. It was not easy to get moving since we haven’t worked out in way too many weeks, but it felt good to finish it up.

Image result for why i workoutOur goal is to continue straight through the 8 weeks without stopping. I’d love to see myself go up in weights and down in weight. But, in the long run, neither of these is the reason to workout. You have to workout for yourself. When you eat healthy and workout because you want to lose weight or you have some type of external motivation, you see it as a chore.

When you workout because you want to feel better about yourself. You want to feel accomplished, motivated, and just feel more yourself, then you get the most out of exercise.

What we have to remember is that health and weight are two different things. You get fit Image result for get fit in the kitchenby working out. You get stronger, you gain muscle, you tone and strengthen. But, you do not lose weight just by working out. This is my challenge. I love to cook. I love to bake. I love to eat. You lose weight based on the food you put into your body. You lose weight when you monitor the calories that go into your body. Not just the number of calories, but also the types of calories. So, I will try to get back into healthy eating. But, I also know that I can not completely deny myself my guilty pleasures. So I won’t give up chocolate or cookies or pasta or… or…or. But, instead I will maintain my philosophy of all things in moderation.

So, today is Monday and while it is the last Monday of March, it is the first Monday for my workout regime …. again!


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Blazing new trails

Yesterday, we finally had some decent weather. Friday it was snowing on and off all day, Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree, plant, sky, outdoor and naturebut yesterday we had sunshine. We went on an errand in the morning and then decided to go on a drive into an area that we’d never traveled before.  We stopped at a hiking/biking park and then drove on in a very random way just to check things out.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree, child, shoes, outdoor and natureWhen we got home we decided it would be a good day to go outside in the backyard and do some work. The back of our property is all woods. We have discussed blazing in a hiking/biking trail since we moved here and finally started work on it yesterday. All four of us were outside working together. It was good to be out in nature as well as do some manual labor. There is something about taking on a task and seeing progress that makes it all worthwhile.

We worked on it for a few hours. I stopped early to head in and make dinner. I was making another sweet potato hash, yes this is a new favorite in the house, and getting ready to grill some steak. The boys stayed out and helped Richard continue. Blake even tried to ride the part of the trail we had blazed. Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree, child, outdoor and nature

As the boys get older, we find it is harder and harder to get them to willingly work with us on projects. Yes, they will help for a bit, but it isn’t always with a smile. They not only helped, but they worked hard. They tag teamed a lot of hard tasks and were willing to help each other when needed. We all had to share tools and on more than one occasion problem solve together.

I’m glad that this project not only will provide them a trail to ride, but is providing enough incentive for us all to work together with a smile.



March was/is moving fast!

It is hard to believe that March is almost over. Wasn’t I just complaining that February was going on forever? Now it feels like time is flying. We have three weeks until Spring Break and then I only have 5 more weeks left for my job this year. That is crazy to me. The boys have longer than that, but it still feels like this part of the year is flying by.

The month of April will be busy at work. I feel like every day something new is being added to the April calendar. Plus the boys have state testing in April which add another level of busy to our lives. On another level our lives will slow down a bit as their theater performance is the weekend of April 13/14. They do not begin mountain biking until May so we will have a few weeks of nothing on the agenda for a change of pace.

Busy is good, but there are times when I just like to have life slow for a bit too. We will see what the rest of March brings, all 8 days we have left. Then we will move onto everything that is April.

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Time Change and Dentist

When we woke up on Sunday morning we realized that we had not switched anyone’s clocks the night before. We all slept in. With the time change it meant that Richard and I got up just before 10 and Colby didn’t get up until after 10:30. While this felt really good, it made it hard to get moving and keep moving.

This morning was NOT FUN! I hate this whole time change thing. I say average it out… move the clocks 30 min and leave them there! Richard and I opted to take this week off of working out. Since I struggled to get out of bed at 6:15 there is no way I would have been able to workout at 5:30.

The time change is tough on children too. They work on their body clocks not the one on the wall. Children do not care what time the phone says, they want to eat when they are used to eating, sleep when they are used to sleeping and function on that one time frame. There were a lot of tired children at work today.

I had to leave pretty much right after my class in order to go pick up the boys and head to the dentist. This is a different dentist from the one we went to in the summer. The one we went to in August was certainly out for the dollar and not the patient. But, that is in the past. Both boys and I had cleanings done, and no one had a cavity!

We found out recently that the boys needed a refresher on proper brushing techniques. Richard found this Brush with Budd on youtube. We made the boys watch it for 6 days while brushing their teeth. While they griped and moaned over it they both improved their brushing techniques! The hygienist mentioned that she was impressed with their teeth. The child who had the poorer technique before Budd has some minor issues with his gums, so that solidified with him the need for proper brushing!

Well I should go make Philly Joes for dinner even if it feels too early to eat…. stupid time change!

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March– weather and water– preK

Its a new month, which means it is time for a new theme in my classroom. This time I went almost totally based off the state standards. We are getting to the end of the year so I’m making sure to hit those standards that haven’t been touched on enough.

This week we are reviewing weather and the four seasons. This gave me an opportunity to transition the month. We are making lion/lamb art projects and reviewing different types of weather. We are doing a lot with clouds and how clouds make snow and rain. Today I even brought snow into the classroom

Next week, we will learn about different types of water: pond, stream, ocean, pond, stream etc.  We will focus on the various bodies of water you can find in PA. The children need to be able to differentiate bodies of water that are stationary and the ones that move. We will also discuss the water cycle in order to tie it into the week before’s lessons on weather. See I can make this all work!

The final two weeks of March, we will work on water as an ecosystem. We will focus on ponds and pond life. We will learn about the various plants and animals that can be found in local ponds. We will also discuss the life cycle of a frog.

This theme isn’t necessarily one I would gravitate to on my own, but I feel like it should be interesting. I know the children will enjoy the activities about pond life, but it will be challenging to find age level activities that can be done independently instead of a ton of whole group activities. We shall see… I’m up to the challenge

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a drink in hand

Richard and I don’t drink very often. It’s not that we don’t like a drink now and then, or that we feel it is a “bad” thing to drink… it just isn’t something we do often.

Right now it is snowing. It has been snowing since before noon and we are getting snow through the night. We already have 1.5″ of snow. This snow is snowman snow, maybe we should make a snowman after dinner?

Richard came into the kitchen to help make dinner. We are making flank steak and sweet potato hash (recipe to come, probably tomorrow). We really enjoy working together in the kitchen and are pretty good as working together without getting into each others way.

I had just finished prepping my mise en place for the hash and Richard handed me a drink…. why? Why not? Some nights just call for it. Well, I should go check on the bacon and continue making dinner.

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It’s March!

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Hey look…. it’s March! we woke up to over 2.5″ of new snow (that is almost all melted already). I guess you could easily say it came in like a lion! We have more snow forecast for Sunday too.

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Image result for goodbye februaryFebruary was such a long month, yes I know it was short, but it was LONGGGG. I was sick. My aid was sick, for a whole week with the flu. Half the teachers in the center were out for multiple days at a time. Many of the children were sick. We had snow days. The temps were arctic and it was just cold, gray and miserable.  I felt like that month was 3 months not just 28 days.


Now we are onto March. Yes, I realize that there is still snow on our way. Yes, I’ve seen the forecast that says we will have single digit lows this week coming up. But March is the official start of Spring! March means that the days keep getting longer and we can only hope that it will go out like a lamb…. we can hope?