Dos and Rage– card game reviews

I’m always on the hunt for new games to play.  Many nights we play a game together as a family before the boys go to bed. We have done this since they were little. We have a large selection of games. We play board games, card games, new game, old games and pretty much any game we have.

We really enjoy card games especially on nights that we do not have as much time to play. There is typically very little set up and not a huge learning curve.

I recently purchased two new card games…. Rage and Dos.

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We played Dos first. This is the squeal to Uno. We struggled with this game a bit as the directions seemed to be missing a few key pieces. We ended up pulling up a few you tube videos ( and that helped a great deal in understanding how to play this game.

When you play Dos you deal out 7 cards to each player Two cars are then turned up in the middle. On your turn you match the number on the card(s) in the middle. You can match it exactly or play two cards that add up to the number. If you match the color and number you get a color match which give you the opportunity to play an extra card down in the middle. If you play an addition set that is a color match (all three  cards are the same color), you get to  play an extra card in the middle and your opponents have to each take an new car for their hand. You have to say Dos when you have two cards left. First person to play all their cards wins. We haven’t played with scoring just yet since we tend to wait until we’ve fixed the learning curve first.

If you have ever played Oh Hell, 10 up/10 down, they you’ve played a game very similarImage result for rage card game to Rage. The directions on this game were very well written and we were able to figure it out after a few hands.

This is a trick bidding game with a few twists. The first round you deal out 10 cards, the next 9 then 8 and so on until you get to 1.

After the cards are all dealt, you turn the top card over and  that color becomes trump. You then bid on how many tricks you expect to take.

There are a variety of specialty cards that effect the trump that is used in that round a play. Some also effect the scoring. If you get the exact number or tricks you bid, you get an extra 10 points on your score.

Both of these games are a lot of fun. We played them with all four of us, and Colby and I played them just the two of us. It was better with more players, but just as good with just two players. I’m sure they will be pulled out often to play!

Do you play games with your family? What games do you like to play?

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Must Have Monday- Water


If you ask my kids what I drink they will probably say Coke or Coffee, but the funny thing about that is I don’t drink either of those very often. I have had one cup of coffee every morning, or almost every morning since we got our Keurig. I don’t drink Coke very often either. Richard and I will split a Coke when we go out to eat. I do drink Coke whenever I have a headache. Whenever I get a headache I first drink a coke, then I grab Excedrin (which also has caffeine in it). This works almost every time for me now. I started that when I was having migraines and was trying to avoid taking the prescription medications. The doctor I had at the time suggested Excedrin and said just get extra strength, it has the same ingredients as the migraine version.

Ok…. back on topic. So the what do I actually drink the most of… WATER! I drink water all day long. So over the years I have has a large variety of different water containment devices. Here are a few of my favorites.

At home, I love having my BEAST!  BEAST 30oz Stainless Steel Tumbler Vacuum Insulated Rambler Coffee Cup Double Wall Travel Flask Mug with Splash Proof Lid, 2 Straws, Pipe Brush & Gift Box Bundle By Greens Steel. This double walled medal water cup, with straw works perfectly for me as I spend my day around the house. I fill it up with ice and water first thing in the morning. Then as the day goes on I only need to add more water to the cup. This stays ice cold all day long. There are many days when the ice is still there the next morning. I also like the size. Think about it, three fills equals 90oz of water! I don’t like to travel with this cup because of the size and if you knock it over by mistake the water will spill.

For traveling about, and going to the gym I use my Brita 20 Ounce Sport Water Bottle with 2 Filters – BPA Free – Twin Pack, Blue and Orange. We purchased these originally before our first Disney Cruise. The thought behind it was that we could always create filtered water no matter where we were going.  On that trip we got off the ship in Nassau and didn’t want to drink the water when we were on that island. After that, the boys and I began taking these to school because we could refill them in the school sinks and not drink school sink water. Anyone who has been to an elementary school knows the sinks have a level of funk no matter what you do. I take mine with me when I hike and go to the gym. Now I typically do not put ice in this because it is not insulated and will sweat. But, as I mentioned it has a filter that I like, but it also is spill proof which is why send it with the boys to school. It has a pop up top which is pretty easy to open and close, but for the most part you need to squeeze it to get the water out.

As I mentioned last week, we have two types of water containment devices for biking. All four of us have CamelBak Rogue Crux Reservoir Hydration Pack, Black/Graphite, 2.5 L/85 oz as well as CamelBak Podium Chill Insulated Water Bottle, Periwinkle, 21 oz Fill the pack up with ice and then add in the water. It will stay cold while you drink and bike or hike. I have often seen people have these at Disney as well. The water bottle is contoured to fit safely into the cage on the bike and not slip and slide while you ride. The ones I just got for the boys are insulated and which will help them stay cold longer. One thing to be aware of when using the pack is when you aren’t wearing it make sure the pack it NOT sitting on it’s bite valve. I can not tell you how many times we have put the down and found a puddle later (in the car, in the truck, on the ground, or even the kitchen counter). The water bottle has a twist close top, but just like the Brita bottles they don’t really leak even when open since you need to squeeze it.

Richard has two different water cups that he likes to use. He has a Tervis 1228352 UCF Knights Pregame Prep Tumbler with Wrap and Black Lid 16oz, ClearHe takes water with him to drink on his drive into work every day and then refills the cup with bottle water from work to drink on his drive home. The Tervis Tumbler he uses during the cooler months. He also has a YETI Rambler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler w/ MagSlider Lid, Black. This one he is using now because the water will stay colder and the ice will last beyond his morning drive. These fit perfectly into the cup holders in the truck.

Here you go… my must have for drinking water. Well I need to go refill “The BEAST” and keep drinking water. Do share… what is your favorite water containment device? You never know when I need to find another one.

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Painting and Podcasts

Today I stayed home to paint. If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve recently moved into our new home. You also know that I have begun painting the new house because builder paint SUCKS!

Today I painted the powder room. This is the smallest room in the house. This should mean it is the easiest to paint… yeah … no! First of all it is a bathroom so there are things in there that can not be removed, well easily. Second of all it is hard to get the ladder in the bathroom to reach the ceilings.

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But, I decided to take this project on today, and completed it. While I was working I was listening to Sporkful podcasts. I got into this show a few weeks ago when they interviewed Guy Fieri.

The Sporkful’s tag line is that they are “Not for foodies, they are for the eaters”. They have known people in and talk about food. I listened to episodes where they spoke to J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, who is a food scientist, I actually have his cook book in my kitchen. During one episode they discussed what makes a slice a pizza a slice of pizza. On the other they talked about if burgers should be eaten as delivery food or only in restaurants.

Other episodes had celebrities such as Lamar Burton and Ty Burrell. These were interesting to hear their food memories and quirky stories.

I like to listen to these podcasts because they are real. You can hear a real conversation and things that motivate you to eat more, eat better, and eat better more (another tagline from the show).

I know I’ll continue to listen, and not just while I’m painting.



Soggy Doggy Shop- review

When we first moved to Wexford, PA we lived in a townhouse. We didn’t have a good way to give Dixie a bath. When a dog needs a bath, you don’t want to say… no big deal lets just skip it. So we started looking for a place to take her. That is how we found the Soggy Doggy Shop.


The Soggy Doggy Shop is a do it yourself dog wash place. They have 6 hydraulic dog wash stations. You go in and pick your shampoo, we always splurge the extra $5 for the upgraded shampoo which also gets you a bottle of conditioner. Dixie gets the peppermint and aloe treatment.

Then they take you back into a cubical where you load your dog into the tub. They have a collar/leash that attaches to the wall to keep the dog contained and safe. Now you wash! They have a blow dryer too, but we typically just towel dry Dixie since her coat is lab it doesn’t take much to get her dry enough to leave.

Here’s the perks. The mess of all the dog hair is not my mess to clean. The dog is safe and IMG_20171021_110536contained. There is no dog hair all over my tub/shower. We can wash her without hurting out backs or having to get into the shower with her. The dog hair and dirt isn’t all over my bathroom… notice a trend here?

So if you live in the area and your dog needs a bath… check out the Soggy Doggy Shop. I know we will be back!


-not sponsored by Soggy Doggy Shop.



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Snyder’s Hummus Pretzel sandwiches

Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels have been some of my favorite pretzels for years. There are a few that I love more than others, but I have enjoyed most of the flavors that I have tried over the years.

Cheddar CheeseOne of my favorites is their Cheddar Cheese Pretzel bites. They are addictive! Take their sourdough pretzels, smash them up, roll them in powdered cheddar cheese and bag. That is what I think they do to make them. I don’t really care what they do they are yummy.  I often purchase them when I notice they are on sale. I would and could buy them at full price, don’t get me wrong. I wait for the sale to limit how often I buy them so I don’t end up looking like a pretzel piece myself!Hummus

But, this blog post isn’t about the Cheddar cheese bites… nope it’s about the newest Snyder’s pretzel taste I purchased.  The other day I was looking for something different to have as a snack and I came across Classic Hummus filled Pretzel Sandwiches. Yep, you read that correct. They took their pretzel sandwich and filled it with hummus.

IMG_20171016_122323These are good, I may like hummus just a little bit?? They have a decent hummus taste to them. It’s not in your face hummus, but just a mild hummus flavor. I think they captured the tang of hummus and mixed with the pretzel it is a good pairing. I personally enjoy dipping pretzel of any kind in my hummus.

So, I now have yet another Snyder’s product that I will purchase from now on. Hmmm which one to get next time?

(I am not paid or sponsored by Snyder’s. This is just my opinion on their product)