Sunday- Son Day: Blake Edition 5 : The Top 5 Most Annoying Things I have to do

Hi guys, Blake here. This is the first time I’ve done a list on here. The list goes from 5 (OK annoying) to 1 (most annoying). Anyway, here’s the rundown:

  • 05:  Doing something that my brother or (rarely) my parents, no offense, Mom or Dad, want to do.
  •  04: Making my lunch the night before school. Not bad, but sometimes a pain.
  • 03: Standardized tests. Iiiii’mmmm dddrraaaaggggiiiinnnggggg mmmyyy ffffeeeeeettttttt.
  • 02: Cutting my toe and fingernails. By myself. When is it done? OW! I’m bleeding, Mom!
  • 01: Arguing with my brother. Stand back, folks. Things could get ugly.

Well, that’s about it. See you in 2 weeks, and if you’re in Florida, stay safe.




Sunday- Son day…Blake edition 4

Hey guys, Blake here. It’s been a while since I did one of these… July? Wow. On Thursday, I started 5th grade at Eden Hall. My new school is really cool. See for yourself, don’t take my word for it. Lately, I have been riding my bike, which is this:Image result for trek mountain bikes Yeah, it’s really cool. The crazy thing is, I already have mud splattered all over it from riding in this mud… thing. I just cannot describe it better. The first few hours that I had it, we went on a trail that was easy, but then we took a way that wasn’t a trail, it was a exit route, and that was practically downhill, so we had to wait for my dad to go back and bring the truck over. After that, nothing else happened except ride our bikes on the street for 4 miles. So that’s about it, so see you in 2 weeks. Oh, one more thing: I got Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Bye!


Sunday- Son Day: Colby edition 3

Hi everybody I will tell you a story I wrote it’s called “feast thief”  

One day the teachers were getting ready for a back to school feast. 1 teacher went over to get the pizza and salad but it was gone! “Lettuce teachers find it!” she said. Then her son came over and said “Mom, why is there a trail of salad dressing on the floor?” “Aha!”  she said, “This should help us find the food thief!” Then when they got outside at the end of the dressing trail was a cute little boy. He said “Sorry for stealing your food. I ran away from the orphanage and I smelled pizza. The doors were open, so I got it, Don’t call the police please!” The teacher, Ms. Calhoun said “You are cute and sweet,  so I will adopt you! ”    THE END

goodbye for now  


Sunday–Son Day! Blake edition 3

Hi, everybody, Blake here. Today’s topic is about the Red Bull Flugtag that I saw yesterday. It’s pretty cool, check out this video, which is pretty cool. So you can make your craft small or big, but not too big. The rules state that the teams of 4-6 crew members machines’ must be 28 ft. max wingspan, a 10 ft. max height, a max length of 20 ft, and including the pilot, a max weigh of 400 lbs. The machines are judged on 3 criteria: showmanship, distance, and creativity. Before the flight, the crew can do a 30 second skit, which falls in with creativity and showmanship. Then, they launch their flying-or falling-machine, and distance is judged by how far the pilot goes, not the machine. The judges watch the skit and the flight from a tower and hold up big cards so that everybody can see it, kind of like Monster Jam.  The scores from all 3 criterias for a final score. In the end, the team with the most points wins. Red Bull Flugtag is pretty cool, as you can see. Maybe you’ll see it sometime.


Sunday- Son day… Blake edition 2

Hey everybody, Blake here I am after 1 week of waiting. This week’s topic is how I think schools should use technology, but from my perspective. Let’s start with I-ready. Sure, teachers may say it’s fine, but it’s bad in many ways. First, smart kids, like me, mostly get the “levels” that are, say are 7th to even 9th grade, and are failing because they look at it and go,”what the heck is this?”. Or, it’s vice versa, which is basically like,”duh! I know this stupid stuff already!” Second, some (and by that I mean all of it) is stupid silly, and they have obnoxious voices. Also, it usually is like, “finish and then you get to play fun games that don’t exist!” (Okay, I added that that “don’t exist” part on because they really DON’T EXIST. AT ALL. REALLY. NO JOKE.) Well, they do, but teachers usually block it, so it’s like a monkey without a barrel. Or vice versa. In conclusion, I-ready is some stupid website that is some company’s idea of fun.

Finally, Reading Plus. First off, a site code is needed to get in. Second, there’s this guided reading, and then there’s this reading thing on your own, and that has problems, too. Every time, on it would say I was going too fast. Well, good for them. I am not reading your “perfect” speed .In conclusion, I’m happy I didn’t have to do that thing for 4 years.

What I do think teachers should let kids use technology for sites like scratch and math playground, or for research purposes. I think most kids would like these sites and are actually fun, unlike “fun” things like I-ready. It basically is actual fun.

My entire point here is that all the teachers that have these sites, you probably should look again, the fine print is probably what the students see. Blake saying goodbye for 2 weeks.

P.S. I can answer any of your questions, if you have any, I just need Mom to let me know what they are so I can answer.


Sunday- Son Day… Colby edition 1

Welcome to the first son day Sunday post. My name is Colby and today I will give a summary of 1 of the most popular book series in the USA . . . Harry Potter! In book 1, Harry doesn’t know he’s a wizard all he knows is his miserable life with the Dursley’s, that is, until 1 night all things go wrong. find out what happens in Harry Potter book 1. The beginning is slow, but it is good in the end.

The rest of the books are about Harry’s magical adventures at Hogwarts.


that’s all for the week,   Colby out;):):)