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Tech Night

I promise, I’m not done with my recap of the cruise (day 1 and day 2), but I wanted to let you know about something pretty cool my boys did last night.

If you follow my blog, you know that my sons are into musical theater. We did two weeks of camp this summer already (Camp Rock and Peter Pan). This summer they asked to try out the tech camp too. This was a shorter camp. They went to camp from 9-3 on Thursday and then from 9am-8pm on Friday.

On Thursday, they learned about the various jobs that the tech crew does during the show. The company was doing Peter Pan, so the boys already knew the blocking for the show, the props and a bit about the projections being used.

Image may contain: one or more people and indoorRichard and I went to the show on Friday night. Blake started the show on spot light. He had another tech person with him proving him cues. Colby was in charge of the prop table and had to insure that everyone had the props needed as well as giving them to the stage hands who Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people playing musical instruments, people on stage and indoorwere changing out the sets between scenes.


At intermission, they switched jobs. For the second half of the show, they were both down in the soundboard booth. Blake was working the projection board. This meant he was switching the graphics used to create the backdrops of the show. Colby was working the light board. This controlled the house lights, the stage lights and pretty much any light that was not one of the two spot lights being used.

This was a great experience for them to see what goes on behind the scenes. It was so worth it, and they had a blast!

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I didn’t run away… weekend update

I just realized that I haven’t posted anything since Thursday. I’m not sure why, but hey such is life. So here is a quick update on all the fun and frivolity that occurred in our lives.

Friday found us back at the theater. This was the boys second week of theater camp. This time they did Peter Pan Jr. This cast was made of children ages rising 2nd grade through rising 8th graders. This made my boys some of the older kids. For this cast both of the boys were part of the lost boys. They were twin one and twin two. While they have spent most of their lives  trying to convince people they are not twins I guess it played a part in their casting.

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The nice thing about Friday was we finally had a day without rain. It was overcast and never really warmed up, but at least it wasn’t raining. Richard and I originally planned to go have dinner somewhere that we could eat outside, but by the time he got home we decided that Chick-fil-a was a better choice time wise. After the play, we headed to sonic. Colby asks to do this after every play. I got a strawberry limeade this time. This was a nice refreshing drink. I love that they used real strawberries and limes in it. I even filled my cup up with just water when we got home and enjoyed the lime strawberry water. I need to do this more often.

Saturday found us being a bit lazy in the morning. We then headed out in search of lumber. Richard has decided he wants to build us a farmhouse table out of cedar for our back patio. Finding the cedar wood needed turned out to be a bit more challenging than we originally thought it would be. We went to two different lumber yards. The first was 84 Lumber. Ok this is a big name lumber yard they must have what we need…. NOPE! Everything we wanted would have to be special ordered. We decided to check out a local lumber yard that we saw when we went to the a home show. This place was pretty impressive in their selection. I should have taken pictures of some of the cool wood they stock. They had purpleheart, zebra wood, and so many other types. We were able to get everything we wanted/needed there. This probably cost us more than if we could have got it at/through Home Depot or Lowes (which did not stock the sizes we needed), but hey we helped the local economy.

We then had a late lunch and headed to Costco. We decided to get the boys super soakers. Over the years they have had a variety of water shooting toys, but never try water guns or certainly not ones like these. They came home and decided to test them out.

We finally decided to get ready for dinner after 6pm. We decided to head to the restaraunt in North Park. We wanted to sit outside on the lake and enjoy the view. When we got there, there was a 45min-1 hour wait. We decided to stay and just go for a walk around the area. The boys played on the playground and then we walked over to a small bridge/waterfall area that we enjoy.

Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor, nature and waterImage may contain: tree, plant, outdoor, nature and waterImage may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree, child, sky, plant, outdoor, nature and waterImage may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor, nature and water

The food at the Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe is decent.. it isn’t OMG I need to wait an hour for this food. but the view and atmosphere makes is that much more enjoyable. This was my view from my seat at the table.

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Friday is show day

It’s Friday! This means that the weekend is loading.

Image result for loading the weekend

Today is the boy’s last day of of camp. They perform Camp Rock tonight. I still am amazed that they audition on Monday and put on their performance on Friday. This cast was students entering 5th grade and up. This puts them at the younger end of the cast. While it found them both with ensemble rolls, it is such a great learning experience for them. One of the cool/unique parts of this performance is they are having the kids play instruments. Well, those who know how to play that is… so not my boys. So, this means that their are characters who needed to learn lines, songs and memorize the music to play guitar, piano, drums and more. I give them all major kudos.

Next week, they are back at camp. This time they will be doing Peter Pan. This cast is for students entering 2nd-8th grade. They will be on the older side of this cast. It will give them a totally different experience to be on the older end instead of the younger end.  We did the same thing last year.

Tomorrow we are heading to the movies to see Secret Life of Pets 2. (I knew enough to buy my tickets ahead of time this time, read about that life lesson here) We all loved the first one and hope this one lives up to the standard set by the first one. We are looking forward to seeing some of the Disney movies that are out on the cruise. This is one of the perks of Disney Curises is they show first run movies on the ship. We hope to see Toy Story 4 and Aladdin…. hmmm Lion King opens while we are on the ship I wonder if they will show that one too??

Tomorrow I am making another RR recipe. This time is it meatballs with garlic bread. Yes, I will take pictures and share our thoughts. Sunday we are having steak and sweet potato hash, Richard’s choice for Father’s day. Oh and I’m getting ready to make cheesecake bites, yes I can share that recipe too if people are interested.

There have been some big changes to the backyard. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve got a sneak peek the other day. I will update everyone over the weekend.

Hope everyone has a great Friday

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Weekend Update

Happy Monday Morning…. why does that always sound soooo wrong when you say that? So, I don’t think I even opened up my laptop this weekend, hence the lack of blogging. So let me catch you up on life!

Friday was the boy’s last day of theater camp and there production. They did Frozen Kids this time. Colby was Olaf and Blake was the Duke of Weselton. They had so much fun. I am totally impressed that these kids can learn a whole musical (lines, scores, blocking, dances etc) in one week.  Well it isn’t even a week. On Monday they have auditions. Then they practice T, W, Th at the studio and then on Friday they have their dress rehearsal and the show.  (pictures taken after the show– Colby was hot in his Olaf costume and Blake’s wig was driving him crazy. so they aren’t the best pics, but they had fun)

Saturday we slept in! I think that was the thing Richard and I were looking forward to the most for the weekend. Getting up at 5:30am everyday to workout is good… and bad! But, worth it. Saturday and Sunday are rests days in this program so we didn’t have to get up and get moving. I took Saturday as my cheat day too. This meant I finally got to try the PB&J cookies. They were really good I think the ratio of peanut butter to jelly was off. I almost would prefer them as a thumbprint cookie instead. We ran a bunch of errands including going and researching getting a full rack of dumbbells for working out. Then went out for Tex-Mex for dinner.

When we lived in FL we had a few different Tex-Mex places that we went to on a pretty regular basis. I guess Tex-Mex isn’t as popular here, or it at least doesn’t live up to our standards.  We keep trying different places, but haven’t found that OMG this is good Tex-Mex just yet. The one we went to on Sat. was the closest we’ve tried. We would at least go back to this one again opposed to the others that were one and done places.

Sunday found us with beautiful weather and motivation to hit the trails. I dropped Richard and the boys off for a bike ride and went for a hike. I found it a lot easier to walk trails that I’ve walked before. I wasn’t having to stop to catch my breath after climbing the hills and increased my pace. I hiked just a bit under 2 miles. The guys rode just under 5 miles. The rest of the day found us doing relaxing things at home.

I finished 2 of the books I got at the library this week and the third books I read two chapter of and then gave up because it didn’t peek my interest enough. I also deleted the book I was reading on my kindle, that one started to get too smutty. I’m now reading a book on my kindle about Hemingway until I get back to the library.

Ok that is my weekend in a nutshell. Hope you had a good weekend too


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Frozen in the summer

This week the boys were in theater camp. When we lived in FL the boys were involved musical theater in their school. They got to perform in Lion King, Seussical and Willy Wonka. When we moved here they didn’t have anything like that at their school. They got busy asking around for places that had musical theater for kids. Both kids found friends we acted for Jeter Backyard Theater. While we didn’t find out early enough to get into their spring performance we did find out in time to get them into theater camp.

The boys are doing two weeks of camp this summer. This first week they were performing with kids from 4th-12th grades. The oldest that they remembered being on the cast was 15 years old. They went in on Monday, auditioned and found out their roll before they left for the day. Tuesday-Thursday they learned the script, songs and blocking. Friday night at 7pm they put on Frozen Jr. This was the first time this play is being put on ANYWHERE. Jeter and two other companies across the US are piloting the production for Disney Theater. When they go back in July they are doing Frozen Kid. This will be a slightly shorter performance. They will be working with a younger cast that time around.

For this performance, Blake was one of the townspeople. He was very happy that he would be in a lot of the scenes and actually had a line. Colby was one on of the “hidden people” (the rock troll people). He wasn’t in as many scenes, but actually had a solo line in the song “Little Bit of a Fixer Upper”. They had soooo much fun and are super glad they did it and excited to go back in July.

I love that my boys are into performing like this. I grew up on the stage too. I had my first performance in the third grade and performed until my freshman year in college. There is something about being on stage. I always loved getting to know the other actors and helping each other show their best on the stage. It is a place where the odd are accepted and respected for what they can add. You learn structure, flexibility, public speaking and so much more. Can’t wait to see what roll they get in their next production and hope they continue to choose to perform going forward.