Friday Eve Rambles

I’m sitting here staring at a blank screen.  Today we woke up to rain. We haven’t had rain for a few days and the sun was nice, but the rain is good for the plants and the lawn. I still feel like rainy days make you feel sluggish and not wanting to move or do anything. I want to sleep in and do nothing. But, I did… we got up and worked out. I kept moving and going on as Richard prepared to leave for work.  I should go fold laundry, I should go iron the pile of laundry that needs to be ironed. I should go clean the bathrooms or mop the floors. But instead I sit here with my lap top on my lap and think… what should I write about?

I have 2 recipe posts already written to come out next week. I need to write one more for the meal we had last night. If you follow me on Instagram, I shared photos of making this as my insta-story yesterday. I’m just starting to get more involved in the whole Instagram thing. I have had an IG account for a while, but only posted every once in a blue moon. Now, I’m trying to post more frequently. I have also started posting on the story part. I’ve yet to record a video of myself. I don’t know what I would even talk about. I think I will post more about things I make for dinners on my stories. Then I can see which meals people are interested in and decide if I should post the recipes based on interest on there. Maybe?

Well… I think I’ll go make myself a coffee and then decide what jobs I will actually accomplish today.  I hope you have a great Friday Eve



May showers bring….?

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May showers bring?

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We have had soooo much rain lately. We’ve had about 3″ of rain since Saturday. These showers have brought about major lightning, hail and lots of rain.

I know it is good for the grass, and the plants, and , and, and…. but enough already.

The landscape people were supposed to come and start working on our backyard, but that got rained out. Maybe tomorrow? But, will they then say, no we we will wait and start on Monday?

Other parts of PA had tornadoes, so at least we haven’t had to deal with that. Parts of our area are dealing with flooding. We live on the top of a hill… don’t have to worry about that.

When we lived in FL we knew it was going to rain almost every day around 3:00pm for about 30min. But then it was done. These storms last for hours. They start and stop over and over. I actually had to put a long sleeve shirt on because the house is chilly. I didn’t mop the floor yesterday because it was damp in the house.

Ok enough whining…. The sun will come out tomorrow, but who knows how long it will last..

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Last day of April

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Here we are… the last day of April. I will actually tell you that April went by really fast for me. It wasn’t a bad month, it was just a month. I think with the boys having a week off in the middle it made the month feel very chopped up.

Today I kept Colby home from school. He was coughing a lot this morning. I know it is his allergies, but they had another day of state testing. I didn’t want him to be coughing and miserable for not only his sake, but those of his classmates as well. I brought him into work with me. This allowed me to work. Him to have a place to chill out, and get a few more doses of his inhaler during the day.

My students really enjoyed having him in the classroom. He is really good with younger children. He is patient and understand that they need to be challenged at a level that is appropriate. He had fun, but he would not like to be there on a regular basis.

Now this means that he will have to do make up testing another day. It was a math test day. Colby is my laid back, go with the flow kid, so I’m not too worried. Plus, he is a strong math student so I know that he will be fine in any setting taking the test.

I only hope that May brings a month of healthy family members. The pollen as well as the swings in temperatures have been hard on all of us this month. Coughing, sneezing, and itchy eyes can go away any day now…. please!

I hope your last day of April was full of sunshine and smiles… if not, well tomorrow is a new month!


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updates on nothing

Updates on nothing.

This is our spring break so life has been busy and not all at the same time.

Sat/Sun we had the boys’ performance of High School Musical. They had a great time and really enjoyed the cast. Sunday’s performance was really great and you could tell all the kids on stage were having fun. (sorry no pictures this time as the boys were wearing their own clothes… they looked like, well, Blake and Colby)

Monday found me on a field trip to the science center for my school. I’m not sure you could call this a field trip as every child went around with their own family. We met up at the beginning to get into the museum a bit early and then again to see the planetarium show. When I saw my students they were having a lot of fun, and that is a good thing.

Yesterday, we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. Over the years, we have visited a lot of zoos and aquariums as we traveled to different cities. There are some really good zoos and some really good aquariums around the country. This zoo was decent and we felt there was a decent collection of animals, many of which were awake and somewhat active. While we felt that the enclosures were a bit on the small size, it made it easy to see the animals. The aquarium was definitely on the small size. I wasn’t over joyed with the arrangement of the aquarium and felt it was lacking in a lot of ways.

I will say that the play areas they had for kids were a lot better than most zoos. It was nice to see that they were large enough and had equipment for various ages and even my boys had fun playing on different the playground equipment.

I’m still fighting off my allergies, and my eyes are still not quite right, but it is so much better than they were on Saturday.

Our weather has been all over the place! Saturday we were wearing shorts. Sunday it poured and stormed (and knocked out our power again). Monday morning it was snowing! Yesterday we were into the 50s, barely. Today, here at 10am when I’m typing this… it is already in the 60s. Welcome to yo-yo weather of spring. I’m ready for the weather to level out and stay warm for longer…. please!?!?

A few more days of break to go… not sure what else is on the agenda. I just know we are enjoying sleeping in and the slower pace!

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Friday rambles

It’s Friday! Yep another work week is complete and we move onto the weekend! I hope to get some good sleep this weekend so I can move back into life. I need to start getting up and working out again too, maybe that will help with the energy level? We shall see!

The weather this week was crazy! Monday’s temps were in the 20s and then the temperatures began to rise! The temperatures have been so much warmer than normal. We had temps in the high 70s yesterday. I came home from work and opened up all the windows. After dinner, Richard and I took Dixie for a walk. It was soooo nice! Today wasn’t as warm, but it was still nice. This weekend we will only have temps in the high 30s/low 40s.

One thing that I have been eating a lot lately is blueberries! I have bought a lot of them lately, they’ve been super tasty. I used some this week in muffins. I made strawberry blueberry oatmeal muffins. I was wanting something to bring to work for a snack. This week I bought the muffins, blueberries and grapes. I’m trying to get more healthy snacks into my life. I’m ready for the summer fruits to come into season and seasonal prices!

I’m not sure what is on our agenda for this weekend. I do know that I will be getting my next Stitch Fix box tomorrow. I asked them to send me spring items… lets see what they deliver.




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Snow day today

The phone rang this morning around 5am. It was the school district cancelling school. When you get this phone call you expect to open the shades and see a white world, but not today. When I went to turn off the alarms in the boys’ rooms there was no snow to beImage may contain: snow and outdoor seen.

But, I wasn’t surprised to get this phone call. They had predicted that it would snow today…. and snow starting around 6am and then continue to snow until 10ish. It also was expecting to snow over an inch an hour. When I finally got out of bed around 8am there was over 2″ of snow. I could tell that the plow had come through and made a loop on the cul-de-sac, but the road was far from clear.

Image may contain: snow, dog, outdoor and natureBy 9am there was over 3″ of snow.  By 10am there was over 4″ of snow. It kept snowing and snowing. Yep…. the school was smart to cancel school today.

We went out and shoveled the snow. While it was light fluffy snow, it was heavy! it was over 4″ of snow to move around. This was a great workout.

At this point the streets were still not plowed. The streets didn’t get plowed until after noon.

The good thing was Richard was able to work from home too. He got most of his meeting done before the power went off. We heard there was an accident nearby that took out a power line. It was out of a while, but not enough to make it too miserable.

When I woke up I decided to toss together a chicken tortilla soup and bread. Ummm the soup was good to go when the power went off, but the bread…. well at least it was only in the rise step of the cycle. I was able to bake it when the power came back on.

How was the weather in your neck of the world? did you get snow in this swipe of crazy winter weather?

— stitch fix review still to come, I haven’t tried on my clothes yet!


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Day 3

So the boys and I had off again today. That made three days in a row! Crazy I know. The last two were due to extreme cold. With the wind chill temps we saw -20s without the wind chill the temps were hovering around -3 for most of yesterday.

Today we woke up to snow! I expected a delay, well we had a delay. They called that a bit later than normal, maybe 5:30ish? This put a monkey wrench in my day. Today was my the day scheduled for parent/teacher conferences. So the delay meant I had to cancel all the conferences before 10am. I scrambled to get that all organized and set up new slots for those times.

Then I hopped into the shower to get ready for the day. The boys had their breakfast and were getting all their jobs done. Then the next phone call comes in…. no school. Ugh, ok it is what it is… now to find times before and after school to schedule all my conferences!

Yesterday the boys and I braved the cold and went to the grocery store. Then last night they had auditions, which thankfully were not cancelled. Today I had to go the inspection done on my car. I mentioned this on one of Colby’s friend’s mother’s facebook page (wow that was a lot of possessives to get that statement written). She offered to have both boys hang out at her house! Yeah! That made life a bit easier

The last two days we lived on leftovers. I decided to cook today, shhhh don’t tell everyone that it is still pretty much leftovers. I took leftover rib meat, leftover beef and peppers and leftover meatballs, mixed that we veggies, seasoning and canned tomatoes…. instant chili!

Well I need to go check on my cornbread and set the table. Hope your world is not so frigid and life is getting back to normal… if not, well it’s Friday!

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Yesterday was one of those crazy busy days in our lives. Colby came home from school (3:40pm). Shortly after we went and picked Blake up from his intramural sports (4:15pm). Colby then had to be at the local HS at 6:30pm for his 7pm concert. This meant that we had leftovers for dinner. At least we had a lot to choose from.

I didn’t process the amount of people who would be at this concert. It was the 5th and 6th grade choruses from his school. The 7th and 8th grade from the middle school. ANDDD a few different groups from the HS. Yep that is a LOT of people. I should have got there a lot earlier than I did. Oh well. He was more than on time and we did finally find seats in the balcony.

It was really neat to see the various ages and abilities of the different chorus groups. Then at the end all of the students involved sang a song that was written just for this concert they perform each year. The song was divided to provide parts to highlight the abilities of each of these age groups.

The 5th grade chorus was the biggest group there. I was pleased to see the number of male singers in all of the different chorus groups there. It is nice to see that it is more accepted for guys do this compared to when I was growing up. Thank you High School Musical!

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Before Colby came home, my work had already canceled school for today. Right after he arrived home I got the phone call that their district had cancelled school too. Why…. it is cold! They cancel if the real feel is -10 or below. We are forecast to get real feel temps in the -20s today and tomorrow! The actual temps are in the low teens and single digits. The winds are whipping out there!

We all slept in and then Richard headed off to work. The boys and I are having a quiet day. We will probably wrap up later and watch a movie. I wonder when we will get the phone calls cancelling school tomorrow? We will see.

If you are part of this Arctic blast… stay warm. If you aren’t, you’re lucky!


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Rainy Days and Halloween

Last night we had the builder in trying to fix our stairs. Richard was home, but on working still. The boys carved their pumpkins and then we headed out to grab dinner. 2018-10-31 18.22.04While we were driving home (before 6pm) people had already started trick or treating.  Why you ask? Because there was finally a break in the rain.

The temperatures we perfect yesterday, but it was far from dry. So I think as soon as there was any kind of break in the weather, people just said… go!

Well my boys had to come home and eat dinner, then finish prepping to go out. No worries, at least it was almost dark when they left. But, they both decided to toss their rain coats over their costumes. It was mainly drizzling, but there were a few patches of down pours.

Richard and I sat in the garage and handed out the candy. It was nice that the boys were 2018-10-31 18.15.43able to join another group of kids their age and head out trick or treating.

Richard and I popped across to some of the other families who were handing out candy and chatted between lulls in the crowds.

We certainly do not get the huge groups we got in FL. We could easily have just used 1 Costco size bag and that is with giving 3/4 candies to each child. Oh well, the extras and all of Blake and Colby’s candies that they didn’t want was dropped off at their school today. Their school collects candy and other treats and makes stocking to ship off to the troops.

All in all, it was a good night and the boys had a blast… that is all that matters.

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Indoor Block party?

The street we live on is finally complete. We decided this was a good reason to celebrate. A few of us got together and tried to coordinate a weekend date in Oct to have our first block party. This was back in September, and the best we could do was this weekend. So we planned our first block party for yesterday. It was all planned out. We were going to block off the cul-de-sac, drag out tables, chairs, the grill and fun things for the kids to do.  Yeah well I guess no one consulted with mother nature. Starting Friday night we had rain on and off all weekend. Finally Richard and I decided we would just move the party into our house.

Friday night we began the process of company cleaning the house. You know that feeling of everything that is always out and about needs to actually be put away in the right places. We began in the basement and worked our way upstairs. It felt good to get everything cleaned and know I didn’t have to clean during the week. This also forced the boys to help clean beyond their basic cleaning. Ok they still didn’t do it willingly, but it was done.

Saturday I sent out a message saying that we would make a final decision on Sunday, but that we could move it into our house if needed. We kept putting it off, but finally gave in and said… ok inside it goes. Right after we sent out that message, the sun came out. I felt like mother nature was messing with my head. We also decided that since it was wet and only in the 40s that even with sun…. inside was better.

The party was planned for 3:30pm. Around 3:29 the skies opened up and I felt better about the change in plans!

There are 6 houses on our street (4 in the cul-de-sac and 2 on the straight part of our street). Everyone showed up! It was nice to get everyone together. The people in the house next to us, the last to be completed, were able to meet the rest of the neighbors. We had a 13 month old, an almost 3 year old, a 4 year old (it was actually his birthday), Colby, Blake and another 6th grader, a middle schooler and a high schooler. This was a decent mix of kids. The children are all boys except the one high schooler is a girl. The kids were down in the basement. They had red zone on the tv and were playing on the PS4. Colby set up a hot wheels track and got out the monster trucks for the little boys.

The adults hung out in the kitchen and chatted. The groups were pretty fluid and no one seemed to be left out of the conversations. Each family brought food and there was a lot of food and drinks consumed and leftover.

We already scheduled our next get together. Another family offered their house this time and we picked the date while everyone was together. We hope to do this every couple of months, especially through the winter!

So while it didn’t turn out like we originally planned it was a lot of fun and worth it.