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It’s March!

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Hey look…. it’s March! we woke up to over 2.5″ of new snow (that is almost all melted already). I guess you could easily say it came in like a lion! We have more snow forecast for Sunday too.

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Image result for goodbye februaryFebruary was such a long month, yes I know it was short, but it was LONGGGG. I was sick. My aid was sick, for a whole week with the flu. Half the teachers in the center were out for multiple days at a time. Many of the children were sick. We had snow days. The temps were arctic and it was just cold, gray and miserable.  I felt like that month was 3 months not just 28 days.


Now we are onto March. Yes, I realize that there is still snow on our way. Yes, I’ve seen the forecast that says we will have single digit lows this week coming up. But March is the official start of Spring! March means that the days keep getting longer and we can only hope that it will go out like a lamb…. we can hope?

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Snow day today

The phone rang this morning around 5am. It was the school district cancelling school. When you get this phone call you expect to open the shades and see a white world, but not today. When I went to turn off the alarms in the boys’ rooms there was no snow to beImage may contain: snow and outdoor seen.

But, I wasn’t surprised to get this phone call. They had predicted that it would snow today…. and snow starting around 6am and then continue to snow until 10ish. It also was expecting to snow over an inch an hour. When I finally got out of bed around 8am there was over 2″ of snow. I could tell that the plow had come through and made a loop on the cul-de-sac, but the road was far from clear.

Image may contain: snow, dog, outdoor and natureBy 9am there was over 3″ of snow.  By 10am there was over 4″ of snow. It kept snowing and snowing. Yep…. the school was smart to cancel school today.

We went out and shoveled the snow. While it was light fluffy snow, it was heavy! it was over 4″ of snow to move around. This was a great workout.

At this point the streets were still not plowed. The streets didn’t get plowed until after noon.

The good thing was Richard was able to work from home too. He got most of his meeting done before the power went off. We heard there was an accident nearby that took out a power line. It was out of a while, but not enough to make it too miserable.

When I woke up I decided to toss together a chicken tortilla soup and bread. Ummm the soup was good to go when the power went off, but the bread…. well at least it was only in the rise step of the cycle. I was able to bake it when the power came back on.

How was the weather in your neck of the world? did you get snow in this swipe of crazy winter weather?

— stitch fix review still to come, I haven’t tried on my clothes yet!


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Weekend updates- weather and fun

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, or frozen to the ground. We just had a fun and busy weekend. Saturday we got up and moving and decided to go to North Park and go skating. The boys took skating lessons last year, but hadn’t been back on the ice since. I don’t think I have been ice skating since I was in middle school and Richard has been maybe 3 other times in his whole life.

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We skated for about 2 hours. It was more of a workout than you realize when you are a child. Or, maybe you just feel it so much when you had completed a weighted leg workout the day before and your legs were already burning??

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Now, some of you might be thinking… wait were the boys and Lori off school for 3 days because of snow and cold? Yep we were, but the weather was nicer on Saturday. We still needed jackets but the sun was shining and it was a nice day.

Sunday we got up and did some work around the house and then headed to the hobby store. The boys needed/wanted to get some parts for their remote control trucks. After shopping and lunch we went home and the boys and Richard drove their trucks. Ok people… Wed and Thurs we had temps that felt like -20s…. Sunday we were in long sleeves and no jackets! It was in the mid to upper 50s. That is just a huge crazy swing in temps.

Last night we went to a neighbor’s house to watch the Super Bowl. We have been getting together every couple of months and doing something as a group. It is nice to get together with the neighbors and just enjoy the company. This time we all brought bar type foods (nachos, wings, pizza, sliders). The game was rather a snooze fest and even the commercials didn’t grab my attention, but we had a lot of fun and ate some tasty food. Now I just need to up my healthy food game to counter balance all the junk I ate Sunday night!

It was very hard to get up and going today. It felt like forever since I’d gone to work. But, my class actually did better than I expected them to do (knock on wood). They were really excited that it was warm enough to go outside for recess.

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Day 3

So the boys and I had off again today. That made three days in a row! Crazy I know. The last two were due to extreme cold. With the wind chill temps we saw -20s without the wind chill the temps were hovering around -3 for most of yesterday.

Today we woke up to snow! I expected a delay, well we had a delay. They called that a bit later than normal, maybe 5:30ish? This put a monkey wrench in my day. Today was my the day scheduled for parent/teacher conferences. So the delay meant I had to cancel all the conferences before 10am. I scrambled to get that all organized and set up new slots for those times.

Then I hopped into the shower to get ready for the day. The boys had their breakfast and were getting all their jobs done. Then the next phone call comes in…. no school. Ugh, ok it is what it is… now to find times before and after school to schedule all my conferences!

Yesterday the boys and I braved the cold and went to the grocery store. Then last night they had auditions, which thankfully were not cancelled. Today I had to go the inspection done on my car. I mentioned this on one of Colby’s friend’s mother’s facebook page (wow that was a lot of possessives to get that statement written). She offered to have both boys hang out at her house! Yeah! That made life a bit easier

The last two days we lived on leftovers. I decided to cook today, shhhh don’t tell everyone that it is still pretty much leftovers. I took leftover rib meat, leftover beef and peppers and leftover meatballs, mixed that we veggies, seasoning and canned tomatoes…. instant chili!

Well I need to go check on my cornbread and set the table. Hope your world is not so frigid and life is getting back to normal… if not, well it’s Friday!

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Yesterday was one of those crazy busy days in our lives. Colby came home from school (3:40pm). Shortly after we went and picked Blake up from his intramural sports (4:15pm). Colby then had to be at the local HS at 6:30pm for his 7pm concert. This meant that we had leftovers for dinner. At least we had a lot to choose from.

I didn’t process the amount of people who would be at this concert. It was the 5th and 6th grade choruses from his school. The 7th and 8th grade from the middle school. ANDDD a few different groups from the HS. Yep that is a LOT of people. I should have got there a lot earlier than I did. Oh well. He was more than on time and we did finally find seats in the balcony.

It was really neat to see the various ages and abilities of the different chorus groups. Then at the end all of the students involved sang a song that was written just for this concert they perform each year. The song was divided to provide parts to highlight the abilities of each of these age groups.

The 5th grade chorus was the biggest group there. I was pleased to see the number of male singers in all of the different chorus groups there. It is nice to see that it is more accepted for guys do this compared to when I was growing up. Thank you High School Musical!

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Before Colby came home, my work had already canceled school for today. Right after he arrived home I got the phone call that their district had cancelled school too. Why…. it is cold! They cancel if the real feel is -10 or below. We are forecast to get real feel temps in the -20s today and tomorrow! The actual temps are in the low teens and single digits. The winds are whipping out there!

We all slept in and then Richard headed off to work. The boys and I are having a quiet day. We will probably wrap up later and watch a movie. I wonder when we will get the phone calls cancelling school tomorrow? We will see.

If you are part of this Arctic blast… stay warm. If you aren’t, you’re lucky!


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Sunday is for quiet days?

Sundays are for resting… maybe? Well I didn’t leave the house other than to shovel the driveway this morning.

Today was a let’s check off the list day for me. I cleaned bathrooms, vacuumed the house, swept the floors and then ironed all the laundry.

Dinner tonight is beef stew. I love meals like this. Flour stew beef. Brown it in the pan in a bit of EVOO. Add the chopped onions. When the meat is browned, add in stock, beer and a can of tomatoes. I also added chopped peppers, parsnips and sweet potato. I will then add in carrots and more sweet potatoes once it is closer to being done.

This is simple, tasty and a perfect warm dish for a snowy day. I meant to bake bread to go with it, but forgot to start it early enough to have with dinner. This I didn’t realize until I had already prepped the bread machine to make the bread. Soooo I guess we will make french toast for breakfast tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a day off for all three of us.  Yeah another 4 day work week!

Hope your Sunday was calm and not too cold.


Saturday not snowday

I can certainly tell that I’m finally starting to feel more myself. How? I was cleaning a lot today. I came down to the kitchen and after I put away all the dishes I washed last night and emptied the dishwasher I went on and cleaned all the counter. Then I swept the main floor, stairs and all the bathrooms.

I know that when I don’t feel well I let a lot of these chores slip. Then when I begin to feel better it drives me crazy to see the clutter and dust around the house. I’m sure this weekend will find me plowing through the rest of the cleaning that needs to be done.

The forecast for today had called for snow allllll day long. We were under winter storm warnings and they even banned commercial vehicles from the highways. Well we have yet to see this massive snow. Around 5pm they lifted the storm warnings and now we might get 1-4 inches. This is a lot different than the 12+ they originally forecast. Now we are just getting a lot of rain instead.

This mean that we could continue with our planned weekend adventure. Today we went into the city and watched Cirque du Soleil Corteo. We love Cirque shows. I don’t think I even now how many different Cirque shows I have seen over the years. This one was really good. The plot was obscure, but that is not why you go to see Cirque. The acrobatics was fantastic and very varied. I also love the music they use in their shows. The musicians were an integral part of this show.

We will see if the snow comes tonight. But, that is fine we don’t have plans for tomorrow… so bring on the snow and cold!

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Driving in the snow

Yesterday we were having temperatures in the 50s…. today it snowed all day. Got to love a 20+ swing in degrees in less than 24 hours.

Yesterday during the morning the weather was really nice. We even got outside for recess. The children were so excited to go out and play on the playground. Then around dinner time the weather decided to go from warm and sunny to crazy windy and thunder and lightning. It poured and poured. We even had some hail.

This morning we woke up and the world was white. The snow this morning when Richard was leaving for work was huge fluffy flakes. It was good snowman snow. The roads were clear and it was barley sticking. Well between the time Richard left and the time I was getting ready to leave, the snow changed.

When I left the wind was whipping. The snow was a mix of frozen rain and tiny snowflakes. AND, it was sticking to the road. It was slick. I travel down a fairly well traveled road, but it is pretty much a roller coaster ride. Up, down, around a bend and back again. That is my daily drive. I often can drive this at 40mph but today I was traveling around 20mph and there were times were that felt fast.

When I got to work, later than normal, I said something about the roads. She looked at me like I was crazy. When she drove to work it hadn’t even started snowing. She had to run out to her car and get something and came back into my classroom. She said she felt that I was that FL girl who didn’t know how to drive in the snow and that it wouldn’t have been bad. Then she saw what the snow looked like and remembered the road that I drove on to get to work.

Ok, so I lived 17 years in FL, but I learned to drive in the snow. I still don’t like it. I took off my gloves, so to hold onto the steering wheel. I felt like I put on my blinders and focused on driving. I don’t know that I remember what was on the radio, but I do remember watching everything around me on the road. This is one part of winter I did not miss living in FL. Oh well…. it is all part of live in the cold north.





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Blogmas- Snow thoughts

This is the last post in the Blogmas blog hop. I really did enjoy these topics and it gave me something to blog about without having to think too much. This time of the year as a teacher, as a mom and well as a person…. is just crazy. So not having to create blog posts off the top of my head was a nice treat!

This theme is snow thoughts. I grew up in MA, moved to NY, moved back to MA and then lived 17 years in FL before moving here to PA. What does this mean? It means I grew up with snow and then for 17 years I didn’t see snow. While I loved my years in FL I did miss having season. I missed seeing the leaves change colors. I missed seeing the snow on the trees, houses and such. I missed the first signs of spring. In Florida we had a few weeks of fall, maybe 2 weeks of winter (ummm FL winter, you know highs is the upper 30s is cold there) and then a few weeks of spring before you have summer again.

Moving here I got to see my sons and husband enjoy the season of winter. What does winter mean? Snow! They got to go sledding. They learned to ice skate. We built snowmen and had snowball fights. My husband learned to shovel snow and that you have to drive with a snow brush and ice scrape in your car for half a year.

I love seeing the snow on the woods behind our house. I love curing up on the couch with a cup or coffee or hot chocolate and a good book and watch the snow swirl.

Now, I am still not adjusted to the cold bitterness of winter. When the wind chill drops it into the teens and below. Those day of January and February when you just wish you’d see temps in the 30s for the highs.

This year we will most likely not have a white Christmas. There is something special about Christmas snow. It just sparkles brighter and seems a bit whiter. It makes the holiday feel more festive. We have had two days of rain and I don’t think we will drop down cold enough for snow this weekend or before the holiday. But I know we will see many more days of snow before the true spring appears.

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Blogmas- Gloves or Mittens

I hope everyone had a good weekend and are back in full swing before the winter break jumps into action.

Today’s Blogmas topic is gloves vs mittens. Which one do you like best? I guess the answer is gloves since that is all I own. I own enough gloves that I have a pair in every jacket I own. I do this so I don’t have to think about bringing gloves. I just know they are there in my pockets. Oh and I have others in my bin in our mud room.

I do know that mittens are better when it is really cold. They keep your fingers together and help keep the heat in. But, it is easier to drive and do other things gloves, so gloves it is!